Animated Textiles

Collaborative project with MA Curation and DALab

MA Curation students set up Techtile Jungle, an interactive display exploring the relationship between textiles and technology at the Fashion Space Gallery vitrine.

Blending digital textile fabrication techniques and curatorial strategies, Techtile Jungle examines the difference between animation and automation. Made of silicone, lace, and nylon mesh and equipped with sensors, these objects are brought to life – sometimes unnoticed – when a passerby’s movement is detected.

MA Fashion curation student Alice Chen said:

We began to ask questions about the process and vitrine display, and audience responses. What can be animated? Is technology bringing us closer to textiles than before? The process helped us reflect how textiles and technology are each playing a role in these fields today.”

Date: 2019

LCF Team: Maria Dada, Mala Siamptani, Ragnar Hrafnkelsson

Student Collaborators: Alice Chen, Pearline Yeo

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