A collection of research, knowledge exchange and student facing projects.

We seek to frame the contemporary understanding of being human in a digital world. We create new pedagogies and methodologies of digital practice, expanding scholarly approaches to digital futures.

As a Lab, our culture of practice welcomes experimentation, speculative design and prototype thinking, exposing the criticality and possibility of design in a digital world. Outputs are commonly threads of ideas that evolve; we, ‘sketch-make’ with digital pedagogy to create new frontiers of enquiry. Our work motivates approach to digital thinking across London College of Fashion and acts as a testing ground for curriculum design.

We engineer fluid cross sector collaborations from within our technical, academic and student teams, creating real world experiments. Our consultancy and research outputs help to explore evolving societies, surfaces and geographies of digital material culture.

Below are some highlights…

#no-hands AI Ars Electronica BFTT Body Co-creation collaborator DigitalCoffee DigitalUnknowns Draping Physical Interfaces HyperRealHuman Internet of Fashion knowledge_exchange MA Collaborative Unit Performance PhD Programmable Matter Research Stratford students Symposium Techtile Jungle Workshops