The inaugural symposium of DALab

#RE_IMAGINE marks the launch of the Digital Anthropology Lab, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts.

This event attempts to ask: how can we explore a new aesthetic, a new use case and a new vision for emerging notions of digital across wearables, IoT, smart fabrics, AR and VR throughout the fashion landscape, and across geographies.

The Digital Anthropology Lab operates within a hybrid research space blending science, technology and design, helping to reimagine how future humans may interact with the environment, clothes and each other. We find ways to experiment with artefacts, communities, consumption and making in the digital space, creating new modes of practice from unique collaborations. The amazing line up of contributors can be seen as a foundation of diverse areas of interest to the Lab.

Speakers included: Sir Ian Livingstone, Steve Vranakis ( Creative Director Google Labs), Wendy March, (Intel Corporation, New Devices Group) J. Meejin Yoon, MIT. K, Professor of Architecture at MIT, Colin Davidson, Chief Scientist, The Imaginarium Studios, and Katie Baron, Retail Director Stylus.

Agenda here: #RE-Imagine

Date: 2015

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