Exploring the, ‘Lab’ setting as a space for academic enquiry

A recently formed entity (2015), our academic contributors create critical enquiry within areas of digital-as-material practice research.

Interests cover specifics of material, immaterial, body, ethnography, computer vision, speculative criticality, digital craft, artificial intelligence, digital experience making through the lens of anthropology. Our work crosses emerging economies from a western and post-western agenda, and pilots a methodology which seeks to evolve the, ‘Lab’ setting as a space for academic experimentation, ideation, debate and enquiry; agile academia.

We explore our subject from a position of practice-led research, in addition to traditional scholarship, seeking to attract external funding from Research organisations and commercial partnership.

Reflected below highlights both an archive of emerging practice whilst importantly navigating what the position of digital anthropology as a subject will be in years to come, informing curriculum and leading research agendas.

Join us to explore what this could be by reviewing selected material below, date ordered:

Selected Publications