DALab Human Meets Tech Challenge

18/19 Programmable Matter

This collection represents, ‘sketches’ of ideas responding to the DALab Human Meets Technology Challenge, currently in beta form. Outcomes will continue to inform curriculum, impact across our research activity, and create rich and critical dialogues around the creation of ‘digital’ material.

We view Programmable Matter as a space to explore the un-telling, unknowing and unknown material opportunities for fashion, and experiment with a collective understanding of autonomous materials that can be programmed for specific purpose- the onomatopoeic object. 

We seek invention to co-create new matter and systems for exploring future ways to interact with movable, and alive materials, operating with independent agency of the body. 

We seek solutions that combine creativity in material, art direction, market position STEAM engineering and entrepreneurial vision.  

This collection of work demonstrates multiple approaches to the Challenge theme and will continue to develop.