(Active) Programmable Matter

Re-imagining the material intention of things we wear

Designing future ways to interact with movable, and ‘alive’ materials, operating with independent agency of the body, exploring a novel approach to co-creating with ‘new’ matter and intelligent systems.

MA student collaborators were asked to imagine a new approach to defining a purpose for what we want our active matter garments to be on this intensive 4 month sprint. Connecting a variety of skills from digital and non-digital backgrounds, solutions were achieved that combine creativity in material, art direction, market positioning, STEAM engineering and entrepreneurial vision.  

Results included the ‘B.U.B‘ (Best your Breast) a bra which adapts to fit new mothers needs, ‘Nagina’, a fashion led protective garment which provides a defence mechanism based on perceived threat , ‘HUCK,’ an inflatable outerwear garment which inflates upon latent sexual desire, creating a physical social network, and helping the wearer to understand emotion.

The results demonstrate what can be achieved when multiple agencies, experience and agendas meet, creating new ways of approaching product design thinking for fashion.

Date: 2019

LCF Team: Maria Dada, Ragnar Hrafnkelsson, Mala Siamptani

Capturing outputs from Programmable Matter Collaborative Unit project

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