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DALab PhD network

We host PhD candidates in the DALab and support with networks, mentoring, technical delivery, and supervision from our wider network.

PhD candidates aligned with DALab:

Katie Rees: Examining the use of wearable technology and interactive environments within the choreographic practice and performance of Wayne McGregor’s work. Supervisor: Dr.Veronika Kapsali, Douglas Atkinson, Prof. Jane Harris

Stephan Vidler: How computational design can affect the future of the design process from a fashion perspective. Supervisor: Dr. Veronika Kapsali, Simon Thorogood and Catherine Fuller

Kayleigh Smith: Developing an Integrated Approach to Bespoke Pattern Cutting with Huntsman and Sons. Supervisor: (TBC)

Completed PhD:

Michele Danjoux Choreosonic Wearables in Performance. Supervisor: Prof. Helen Thomas, Dr Jessica Bugg (RMIT), Donatella Barbieri

Zhirui (Kiwi) HuangDigitising fashion design and pattern making process. Supervisors: Simon Thorogood, Prof. Sandy Black, Dr. Oleg Fryazinaov

Shaza Sabbagh Beyond traditional jewellery. How can digital methods inform design of novel forms of female body adornment? Supervisors: Prof. Jane Harris, Prof. Sandy Black, Lynne Murray

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