Experience without touch

How can you experience the world without touching it? What new materials, user experience, or technologies will we need?

The brief for our 3 month Lab sprint with our MA students explored new navigations for our digital world without touch. They were asked to re-imagine how to interact with digital technologies without using either personal or public touch screens; #nohandslcf.

“Working with the DALab allowed me the opportunity to enter the world of fashion and technology. This experience was hands down the highlight of my education at LCF.”

– Olivia Sylvan, MA Entrepreneurship 2015/2016

Date: 2016

DALab: Collaborative Unit 2016 – Catalyst, Smart, Responsive Skins
DALab: Collaborative Unit 2016 – Elevate, Sensing Necklace
DALab: Collaborative Unit 2016 – Catalyst, Growing Footwear

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