navigating without a view

Ars Electronica 2019

In its second appearance at Ars Electronica and in response to the theme Out of the Box, the Digital Anthropology Lab presents its immersive installation Navigating without a View, a multisensorial experience that investigates the possibilities of orientation in a world without a map or a compass, a world without representation or established views or truths. To orient ourselves, when guidance and direction become impossible, when we no longer have a blueprint to work from, we usually fall back on our senses. We rely on our sense of smell, touch, a visible landmark or the impression of a salient object in the distance. But in the digital realm our spatial embodied experiences, including our senses, are abstracted and altered. The body of the digital is a mathematical quantity, the number of heartbeats, the measure of blood pressure, the level of humidity. It’s data. What are the possible interfaces required to orient ourselves in such a world? For the duration of the festival, the exhibition will invite the audience to encounter various experimental interfaces that can guide us through the digital.

Date: 2019

Review of, ‘Navigating without a View,‘ DALab presentation for Ars Electronica 2019

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