A collaboration with Bart Hess for Ars Electronica

For Ars Electronica 2017, Life Instinct creates uncomfortable questions about a materially animated future.

PVC worms, linked together with hairy cords, squirm subtly. The movement intensifies when one comes closer. Awkward feelings arise when you see this work by Bart Hess. It is an intense physical experience that comes with a little discomfort, but at the same time fascinates immensely.

This three part installation from artist Bart Hess, in collaboration with Maria Dada provokes and humanises our idea of programmable materials. Bart Hess applies his exploratory approach to materials, creating interactive silicone with nitinol, animating robotic worms and giving personality and character to manners, blurring the boundaries between the physical and the emotional.

Date: 2017

Research Academics: Bart Hess, Maria Dada

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