Internet of (Fashion)

Creating new applications for Internet of Things (IoT)

‘ If your dress could talk, what would it say? And if your dress could talk, who or what would listen?

The Internet of (Fashion) Things, introduced the concept and possibilities of a connected garment to MA students in partnership with Arkessa and Iotic Labs. The team at Iotic Labs, provided assistance, coding and advice to the students who previously had limited experience in coding. The results demonstrate the outcomes of the 3 month DALab sprint. These included 3 films demonstrating unique concepts and the code required to make the propositions work. Whilst speculative, all projects worked, all code was developed by the students, the DALab and Iotic Labs, helping to reposition what we could expect of a fabric enabled interface and connectivity for the fashion sector and beyond.

DATE: 2014

Research Academics: Lynne Murray, Mouhannad Al- Sayegh, Douglas Atkinson

DALab Collaborative Unit with Iotic Labs, Smardrobe
DALab Collaborative Unit with Iotic Labs, Music Jacket
DALab Collaborative Unit with Iotic Labs, Shared Bodies Theatre

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