Draping the Hyper-Real Human

Symposium on human form in digital landscapes

This symposium event seeks to align research from DALab, connect the Performance Dress Hub, and engage a broad audience, internally and externally, in a critical approach to re-defining our physical selves in an era of digital duplicity and augmented overlay, debating the emerging aesthetic, craft and social realities of our future selves.

Speakers: Speakers include Maria Dada, DALab Research Fellow, Connie Harrison, Experiential Creative Director, Adam Grint, Experiential Director, The Mill, Jonathan Chippindale CEO, Holition, artist Madeline Schwartzman USA and performance movement specialists, exploring the surface, materiality and expectation of the human across physical and digital forms.

Speakers presented their interpretation on, ‘draping the hyper-real human‘ from their area of expertise, culminating in a roundtable discussion creating new insight and exploring opportunities across design, fashion, retail and experiential worlds.

Date: May 2019

Research Academics: Lynne Murray organiser, Maria Dada, speaker

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