Draping (physical) interfaces

What is an interface for modern times?

Our requirement to view the world through a rectangular screen is dissolving. Our sense of self is increasingly socialised in the digital; how can we interpret this with new interfaces relative to our time?

MA student collaborators were initially asked to consider how surfaces, games design, aesthetics, geographies and digital physicality could inform future human form and create new opportunity for creative interpretation of skin, technology and the projected materiality of the body. We have evolved without AI; but are each a data-set.

In the middle of the 4 month sprint project, CV19 temporarily halted progress.

The unprecedented time of global pandemic forced a re-interpretation for this brief. No longer in the same space, with physical output no longer a possibility, the project was directed to exist as a real time, multi geography, multi-narrative, Zoom’ performance. Existing as a one-off performance, Draping Interfaces became a reflection of the the communication tool of its time during early lock down.

The students responded to the framework of the novel, Woman on the Edge of Time, Marge Piercy (a novel often hailed as a utopian companion to “A Handmaid’s Tale”). The performance promises creative real time digital set and costume design with drape, filters, video backgrounds, sound and audience participation… in essence, could not have been more appropriate to the brief.

The results demonstrate what can be achieved when facing uncertain times and perhaps heralds a new moment to pause and re-consider, ‘being’ in the digital age…

Date: May 2020

LCF Team: Maria Dada, Ragnar Hrafnkelsson

Live capture of Draping Interface, ‘Zoom’ performance

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