Digital Unknowns

Experimenting with sustainability and tech

Digital Unknowns is a 3 month collaborative sprint project between selected London College of Fashion MA students, the Digital Anthropology Lab and invited Industry mentor consultants.

If your clothes were independent and intelligent, or biological, growing or evolving, what would fashion look like?  

The boundaries between the digital as an artificial domain and the living, thinking world are closing. Artists are augmenting their bodies with digital technology, creating new senses and interactions, bio-hackers are extracting and open-sourcing desirable genetic traits from organisms of all varieties without the help of corporate labs. Synthetic Biology is increasingly considered as part of a designer’s toolkit. DNA computing research is moving digital systems onto organic ‘wetware’ and artificial intelligence seeks to replicate biological neural networks.  

In this unknown digital future, what could smart fashion become? 

Date: 2017

DALab Collaborative Unit 2017 – Breathe: a toolkit for bio-hacking pioneers
DALab Collaborative Unit 2017 – Skinvex: speculative future beauty treatments
DALab Collaborative Unit 2017 – Digital Museum Experience

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