Digital Resistance

The second bi-annual symposium of DALab

Hosted by the Digital Anthropology Lab (DALab), London College of Fashion, UAL, Digital Resistance, a one-day symposium conference brought together artists, digital researchers, fashion designers, robotics experts, material science engineers, and global entrepreneurs to explore emerging themes of digital materiality and technology-augmented lived experiences.

The event focused on digital contexts of cross-disciplinary, global design from western and non-western perspectives.

This second DALab symposium has been developed in association with the Global Disability Innovation Hub summit at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the 13th and 14th July. London College of Fashion is a co-founder of the GDI Hub in collaboration with Stratford partners including University College London, Loughborough London, Sadler’s Wells and the V&A.

Symposium Tracks:

Future Prosthetics – How the future human body is being designed with new digital design tools, new materials and advanced production technologies.

New Material Memories – Impact of new technologies and digital living on how we behave and make meaning of our physical and digital worlds.

Global Design Resilience – How design of future technologies in the non-western world thrives under a different set of constraints.

Data Dystopia – Impact of the data from the “body” on the way people behave and live in the future.

Speakers included: Bart Hess, Dr. Bruna Petreca, James Turning, Mugendi M’Rithaa, Peut-Porter, Lenny Naar, Peter Prainor, Cher Potter.

Agenda here: Digital Resilience

Date: 2017

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