AWAY to Mars

Business of Fashion Textiles and Technology SME R&D Research

AWAYTOMARS is an innovative collaboration platform to crowdsource creativity, that helps designers introduce their work to the world and lets them hear what the world has to say.

As part of the BFTT project, DALab London College of Fashion (UAL) are working with the Away to Mars team, to explore new technologies to enhance the experience and brand value delivered by ATM’s co-creation platform to its growing global community of over 15,000 members.

“Bringing together the Digital Anthropology Lab and the expertise across the BFTT programme has enabled us to access incredible specialist knowledge which will be invaluable to develop our co-creation platform. In particular, the know- how brought in by the Project Lead and Academic Mentor, in AI and Neuroscience, will provide us with a really strong foundation to drive the innovative development of our platform forward.”

Date: Launched May 2020

Research Academics: Prof Jane Harris, Lynne Murray, Dr. Shama Rhama

Alfredo Orobio Founder and CEO, AWAYTOMARS

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