DALab Human Meets Tech Challenge

19/20 Draping Interfaces

This collection represents, ‘sketches’ of ideas responding to the DALab Human Meets Technology Challenge, currently in beta form. Outcomes will continue to inform curriculum, impact across our research activity, and create rich and critical dialogues around the creation of ‘digital’ material.

We view Draping Interfaces as a way to examine experiencing the digital and physical. Our requirement to view the world through a rectangular screen is dissolving. Our sense of self is increasingly socialised in the digital; how can we interpret this with new interfaces?

Surfaces, games design, aesthetics, geographies and digital physicality inform future human form and create new opportunity for creative interpretation of skin, technology and the projected material of the body. We have evolved without AI; but are each a data-set.

We seek to explore a heuristic physical interface as a surface, structure, body or any input device which has shape shifting form.

This collection of work demonstrates multiple approaches to the Challenge theme and will continue to develop.