DALab Human Meets Tech Challenge

Our annual thematic aims to create collaborative opportunity for research and innovation, partner organisations and students to inspire co-creation of frontier thinking.

Future Challenge: 20/21

Allotment: Creating digital ‘growth’ with remote communities, managing risk, learning from history and each other, creating with found materials, connecting to our sense of self, land and ancient human need. How can digital enter this equation…

Launching November 2020

Our annual ‘Human meets Technology’ Challenge seeks to experiment with emerging technology to address future concerns of being human in a changing digital world.

We set an annual theme to guide our team and partners, working with research and innovation, external organisations student and technical teams to;

  1. Create debate and discussion, informing agile research practice across industry, academic and evolving student curriculum;
  2. Experiment with novel educational approaches to digital-as-material practice, defining emerging subject pedagogies and methodologies;
  3. Build networks across industry and academia;

We intentionally craft a human centered, poetic and ultimately unanswerable title to critically inform future approaches to digital thinking across a global landscape of culture, material, place and thing.

Our annual challenge allows us to collate, document and reflect on current thinking which we use to help define our next challenge.

We are currently seeking ambitious organisations and individuals who feel they could add value and benefit from setting the agenda of future Human Meets Technology challenges.

We explore our Human Meets Tech Challenge on the MA Collaborative Challenge Unit