Digital community, landscape and nature

Historical precedents of digital productivity often equate to speed, efficiency and financial success. 

MA student collaborators were asked to explore the brief, ‘Allotment’ as a way to reconsider how to create digital ‘growth’ with remote communities, managing risk, learning from history and each other, creating with found materials, connecting to our sense of self, land and ancient human need.  

The Challenge was delivered and created remotely with teams of students across the globe, dispersed due to pandemic. We asked them to explore the role of time in the digital, and re-imagine how to, ‘make’ digitally with the ‘tools’ avaliable… 

Results included an algorithmic anthroposcene digital artefact encouraged to promote mindfulness, a garden-scape of a fashion museum, viewed from the future, a gameified virtual algae suit, and a proposition to monitor personal fashion consumption as a virtual garden social platform. 

The results demonstrate what can be achieved remotely with design teams considering new technology in old ways. The ideas presented are not an end but a beginning…

Date: 2021 

LCF Team: Cher Potter, Ragnar Hrafnkelsson, Vicky Mather, Lynne Murray

Allotment Collaborative Challenge brief

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