Digital Anthropology lab

The Digital Anthropology Lab creates an opportunity to explore where the human meets emerging technology across research, student experience and knowledge exchange.


We use the lens of anthropology to facilitate collaborations between fashion, aesthetic, body, craft and society to help organisations prepare for an ever more connected future.

We develop projects with industry and academic partners to create research and knowledge exchange outputs in hybrid fields. We develop new methodologies of digital practice, research application and student experience.


For the Digital Anthropology Lab, the use of the term, ‘anthropology’ allows us to align expertise of the, ‘made’ and physically worn world (including fashion and craft) with the immaterial, ‘digital’ world of games design, AI and programmable materials. It allows us to question what it means to be human in a digital world, how we are both shaping and being shaped by current and future digital experiences.

The context of the, ‘Lab,’ creates an agile environment for applied study and speculation around cultural, societal and ethnographic re-imaginings of our digital world at the juncture of the physical and virtual, human and data.

We work with organisations, research academics and students to help them prepare for an even more connected future.

Internal Partners

Our partners in Fashion Innovation Agency, work with emerging technologies to help designers and brands change the way they make, sell or show their collections.

DALab Network